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Its been a year of planning, connecting, and working on this project. And a Project that I have kept extremely quiet about from day One. But I'm finally ready to make the push. Swimsuit Model Asia will be the Magazine that will soon debut on the Asian Scene...With 1 out of 4 Facebook users being from Asia. Its been a market that I have been following for quite some time. The main connections are in place and I'm currently sourcing Brand Promotions , Swimsuit Photography Contacts, Product Promotions and Media and Entertainment Connections. The initially push will be into India as itís one of the main upcoming economies...And itís rapidly growing. Not to mention...Its Swimsuit Model Crazy !

From there we will push into the rest of Asia and Incorporate Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines just to name a few. With Photographers and Models from the Asian Regions making up the bulk of the content. Our Photographers in Australia, the USA and Mexico will also be able to contribute content by shooting Asian Models. So we expose the World to the Asian Photographers and Models. And Expose our Photographers and Models to Asia !

If your a Photographer or Model from one of the following countries...Please email me at swimsuitedition@optusnet.com.au or PM me to find out how you can get involved and get Published in Swimsuit Model Asia. The Countries we are taking submissions from are: India, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Vietnam or Japan.

Our Photographers: Mike Urban, Glynn Jackson, John Dobbin, Peter Greenhalgh, Jade (Jay) Anderson, Antonio Ramirez and Peter Rollans.


Our Premiere Issue

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